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Past Expeditions (Success Stories)
Project Managment
  • Project Manager for cost reduction projects
  • Project Manager for merger of two IT companies
    • Reduced floor space by 66%
    • Reduced employees by 20%
    • Reduced Sales Order Touches from 35 to 4
    • Reduced accounts receivable by 400%
    • Reduced cycle time from 70 hours to 24 hours
    • Reduce Takt time from 44 minutes to 32 minutes
    • Increased Productivity from 1.2 to 3.75
    • Increased Process Cycle Efficiency from .015 to 1.22
  • Product Development Manager
    • Development of 9 models tanks in 18 months (industry average is 3 years per product). 1/6 scale German tanks and accessories for the modeling industry
  • Project Manager to Increase Sales
    • Implemented weekly sales email
    • Implemented fax notification
    • Increased customers by 15%
    • Increased sales by 18%
  • Project Manager for Sales Process
    • Redefined the sales process
    • Decreased touches from 6 to 2
    • Decreased process time from 36 hours to 2 hours
  • Project Manager to re-layout warehouses
    • Increased shelf space by 25%
    • Reduced available space on shelving by 25%
    • Implemented a bin system for storage
  • Project Manager to re-define distribution processes
    • Implemented conveyor system
    • Re-defined the layout of distribution area.
    • Defined jobs for distribution employees
    • Increase available for daily shipments from $9,000 to over $23,000
  • Project Manager for contract negotiations on a mergers and acquisitions.
    • Provided advise on the contract terms
    • Coordinated with Attorneys
    • Assisted in closing the deal.
  • Project Manager for re-financing business loans
  • Venture Capital Deal Tracking System
    • Reduced the time it took to evaluate the viability of a deal from weeks to days.
  • Project Manager for evaluation of Personnel
    • Implemented replacing several key whose risk was significant to the company with more qualified personnel.
  • Project Manager for headcount reduction projects
    • Reduced headcount from 71 to 59
    • Reduced headcount from 23 to 11.5
  • Project Manager for risk and mitigation projects
    • Identified Risk
    • Evaluated Risks
    • Develop a Risk Mitigation Strategy
    • Implemented the Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Project Manager disaster recovery plans
    • Implemented a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Project Manager for outsourcing data centers
    • Outsourced Data Center to EDS
  • Project Manager for outsourcing custom parts for manufacturing companies
    • Outsourced parts to manufacturing company with greatly increased the quality and the satisfaction of the customers.
  • Technical writer and graphics for product documentation
    • Wrote technical documentation for seven products
    • Assembly Manual
    • Documentation Schematics
    • Graphics
  • Project Manager for Call Center
  • Project Manager for Pricing Study
    • Reduced cost of the components of the product 20%
  • Project Manager for ERP system
    • Selected system
    • Total system implemented in 18 months
    • World Wide implementation
  • Project Manager for Golf Course Management System
    • Developed, Integrated, and Implemented Tee sheet, Internet reservations and golf shop management system.
    • Reduce check-in time at pro shop from 2 minutes to 30 seconds
    • Project Manager for over 25 websites
  • Venture Capital Deal Tracking System
  • Implementation of Web-based Supply Chain Management System
  • Implementation of a Web-based Data Warehouse System
  • Implementation of World-class Internet Site and Architecture
  • Design and implement web architecture
    • 11,000,000 million hits sustained daily volume
    • 100,000,000 million hits peak
    • 96 Terabyte data flow (Library of Congress * 11, every 60 days)
    • B2C Internet store achieving 100% fulfillment since implementation on multiple millions sales volume
  • Successfully maintained world-class eCommerce site, including implementation of site enhancements
  • Developed global Intranet product
    • Enable all desktop users to publish without web knowledge
    • Integration of manufacturing, engineering processes to daily tasks
    • Expert system platform for Daily Sales, Inventory, and Distribution tracking
  • KATS - Corporate Process Improvement Tracking System
  • Developed on-line Contact Management System
  • Developed on-line Intranet Content Publishing System
Software / Systems
  • Implementation of World-Wide and Regional Call Center / Support Center
  • Instrument telemetry processing program for the atmospheric probe of the NASA Galileo Jupiter space project
  • System architecture for real time control system of advanced airborne military communication system
  • Netscape Conversion project
  • Scientific Data Tracking System
  • Global Implementation of Oracle Business Systems in a single worldwide instance
  • Implemented Security Architecture that withheld Ernst & Young penetration audit - 5th to survive out of 500 audits amount Fortune 1000
  • Implementation of a Global Help Desk Organization
  • Managed multiple worldwide Data Centers. Equipment included IBM mainframes, HP, SUN, Intel Servers, etc.
Process Improvement
  • Implementation of a Total Quality Control Systems in multiple companies:
  • Productivity
    Inventory Reduction
    Floorspace Reduction
    Cycle Time Reduction
    3X improvement
    12x improvement
    2.5x improvement
    10x improvement
  • Iomega - Implement and Manage the World-Class Wide Area Network in 15 Countries
  • Iomega - Implement and Manage the multi-point global broadband internet network
  • DeltaWave - Implement and Manage ISP Services Dial-Up, Satellite and Broadband Wireless
  • Circle 4 Farms - Design and Implement Wireless WAN/LAN with Voice Over IP
  • Millard County - Design and Implement Wireless WAN/LAN
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