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Fantastic Results
Jungle Group has been achieving fantastic results for clients. These are a few examples of results that have been achieved with clients:
    Reduced floor space by 66%
    Reduced employees by 20%
    Reduced accounts receivables by 400%
    Reduced cycle time from 70 hours to 24 hours
    Increased customers by 15%
    Increased sales by 18%
    Decreased process time from 36 hours to 2 hours
    Increased shipping ability from $9,000 to over $23,000 a day
    Reduced headcount from 71 to 59 employees
    Reduced headcount from 23 to 11.5 employees
    Reduced product component cost by 20%
The speed at which business evolves today challenges even the best run companies. We follow the principle that to sustain profitability a company must grow its e-Business from the inside out.
Jungle Group enables clients to develop repeatable, predictable, and scalable business processes and systems that drive increased profitability.
Our global experience allows our clients to leverage existing investment against new opportunities, and evolve IT architectures in ways that create competitive advantage.
Lean, Six-Sigma
and Optimization
Web Development
and e-Business