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Jungle Group uses a comprehensive Methodology from Six-Sigma, Lean, Reengineering and Optimization that includes processes, tools, techniques, activities, reporting, classes, workshops, and Information Technology systems.

Process, Tools, Techniques and Activities
Client Assessments Data Collection
Information Technology Statistical Analysis
Call Centers Simulations
Service Centers Gap Analysis
Help Desk Metrics Development
Telecommunications 5S - Organizing the Work
Suppliers Visual Controls
Functional Assessments Setting Priorities
Strategic Direction Project Management
Tactical Planning Team Dynamics
Operational Action Effective Meetings
Lean Enterprise Case for Action
Six-Sigma Brainstorming
Total Quality Systems Meeting Facilitation
7 Questions Customer Surveys
Hoshin Planning Process Redefinition
Kaizen Process Capacity Analysis
Manifesto Development Process Simplification
Balanced Scorecard Rapid Set-up
Management Mapping Pokayoke Development
Strategy Maps Time Studies
Lean Maturity Matrix Waste Hunt
Problem Solving and Decision MakingInitiative Linking
Benchmarking Documentation
Interviewing for Results Change Management
Organizational Analysis & Design Transformational
Performance Based Compensation Implementing Change
Reporting Tools
Assessment Forms Pareto Chart
Organizational Linkages Spaghetti Chart
Control Chart Radar Chart
Walkabout Worksheet Check Sheets
Process Flow Charting Histograms
Value Stream Mapping DMAIC Diagrams
Mistake Proofing Run Charts
Breakthrough Thinking Scatter Diagrams
Deming PDCA Circle Cause and Effect Diagram
Linkage Chart

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