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We value integrity. There is no gray area.

We value excellence. Everything we do is worth doing well.

We value change. We acknowledge that it is not NECESSARY to change. SURVIVAL is not mandatory.

We value imagination and creativity. This environment fosters a positive energy that produces excellent results.

We value risk taking. Fear is an inhibitor to change.

We value the strength and power of the team. Teams allow us to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.

We value the diversity of the individual. Diversity allows us to see the world from a broader perspective, and to develop solutions that maximize the ZAP factor.

We value a learning environment.
As we stretch our abilities we will grow both professionally and personally. We will see the work place in broader perspective, and develop solutions and products that are superior and far reaching.

We believe that success comes from continually pursuing new ideas and strengthening current capabilities.

We believe success comes from being relentless in our determination to learn. Being consumed with our search for mastery, for continuous improvement, and finding a better way every day.
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